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The furniture industry has undergone an immense transformation, and Ottoman Divan Beds London is no exception. Traditional beds tend to be heavy and durable and were made with a variety of good quality wood. The contemporary beds are more lightweight and convenient. Thus, providing ultimate comfort to the user. You must have seen meticulous designs engraved on these divan beds like straight lines and bold patterns are European influenced. Moreover, at Select Living, you will love the great collection of unique styles and designs we have in beds.

 Most importantly, these divan beds are designed for practical usage, to give great comfort and optimum support to the body. They also consume less space in the bedroom with storage options. With different options available in the market, it is best to know are different types of divan beds and which one best fits your needs.

What sizes are available in Ottoman divan beds London frame?

1. Single bed: These beds have a length of 211cm long and a width of 103cm. The storage depth is around 24cm, but it depends on the bed type. Single ottoman beds are perfect for small bedrooms.

2. Double bed: These beds have a length of 190cm and a width of 135cm. This provides enough space to share the bed with your partner. Also, it has ample space beneath to keep your things.

3. Small double: If your bedroom is not big enough to accommodate the double bed, then a small double one is the best option. It is 15cm narrower than the double, which means it will fit easily in smaller bedrooms.

4. King bed: This bed is 200cm tall and 150 cm wide. It provides enough sleeping space along with maximum storage space within the bed frame.

5. Super King bed: If you are looking for a luxurious appeal, then a super king-size ottoman is the best. It has a 180cm wide base, giving ample space to store your items.

What are the advantages of ottoman beds?

Ottoman beds are known for providing maximum space as compared to other storage bed bases. It has a lift-up lid which allows you to use the entire space provided by the frame. This bed has provided solutions to a lot of issues with great space given and is designed specifically for the storage.

Further, ottoman storage beds work perfectly for the kids that share the same bedroom. The extra storage space available allows your children to put away all their toys instead of buying separate toy boxes that consume a lot of space.

There is another bed known as TV ottoman bed that has a TV in the foot-end and is raised and lowered using a remote control. This allows you to have a perfect cosy weekend to lie in.

What are other types of storage beds?

If you are not sure about buying the ottoman beds for storage, then there are plenty of other options available that you can choose. However, divan beds are generally cheaper. Similar to ottomans, they take full advantage of the space available between your mattress and floor. The only main difference is that the storage is accessible through drawers that is at the side of the bed, and it does not require you to lift the mattress.

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